IKEA Case Study

UX, UI Design, sketch and Invision

IKEA is Swedish company that designs and sells furniture ready to assemble.
As a team, we conducted an end to end review of the experience in the store and website. With the idea of Re-imagining the web and e-commerce experience for IKEA Australia.


IKEA Australia should aim to redesign the website, Allowing customers to be inspired by the shopping online, clear navigation of products and be supported by a search tool, that can provide filters in the search process.


In our process of identifying problems and possible outcomes, we divide our team into two groups (Springvale and Richmond) observe and talk with some customers based on our discussion guide and Topic guide.

Competition analysis:

• Fantastic furniture
• Freedom
• Burnings warehouse

The key findings of our competition analysis:

• Better Navigation system and architecture.
• Better layout page.
• Efficient Search tool.
• Delivery in Victoria

Stores visits:

Look up and research in Melbourne stores, Richmond and Springvale

User research:

(7) Interviews
Observations of customers in the store and the website.


Problem statement

"How might we find a way to enable users to have the IKEA experience online without compromising what they like about the in-store experience and the way they like to shop."

Extract and prioritise information:

• Affinity map
• Ideation and - User mental map
• User Journey
• Sitemap
• User profiles


We created paper sketches and Wireframes to the point we have clear our designs and to proceed to the final mockup and testing.

• Paper Prototyping
• Wireframes
• Testing



New ways to browse the site, Improving and styling the site menu and creating a section to be inspired by IKEA.

Search and recommended products:

Adding a new filter to find with accuracy products from IKEA store and giving a recommendation to users of others item to buy.