Vollie Case Study

UX Case Study

Develop an app (for IOS and Android)
Vollie is growing well, but the communication between our charities and skilled volunteers needs to improve to ensure projects are delivered on time and to a really high standard.


Stefanie Bayer, Justine Caldwell, Lena Sun and Luis Saavedra.


As a team, we made adjustments to the website to improve the readability and functionality. We improved the application process and dashboard.
We improved communication between volunteers and charities.


Background research:

• There are 54,000 charities in Australia
• Under-resourced and time poor
• Lack access to those with digital skills
• Millennials are keen to volunteer but there are issues with access/time
• Vollie connects skilled millennials and charities in need

Competition analysis:

• Catchafire
• Good Company
• Taproot
• Seek Volunteers
• Probono
• UN Volunteers

User research:

(12) Interviews
• 2 Charities (used Vollie)
• 2 Charities (not used Vollie),
• 7 Volunteers (not used Vollie)
• 1 (Business considered using Vollie)


Problem statement

"After conducting our research, we realised that most of the pain points our research uncovered were related to the website, we need to fix those problems first before we can move on to an app."
"The website has a number of issues with readability and functionality. There are also issues with the application process and the dashboard.
Communication issues are caused by emails going to spam and the inability of volunteers to reach out to charities before they have been selected for a project"

Techniques to extract and prioritise information:

• Affinity map
• Current user flow
• New user flow


Created paper sketches and Wireframes to the point we have clear our designs and to proceed to the final mockup and testing.

• Paper Prototyping
• Testing


To visit the Interactive Prototype click in the following link Vollie website prototype